Fleet Optimization

Customize Your Fleet Plan




Manage your fleet effectively, by using PLM's customized fleet replacement plan.  We determine when to replace your fleet by analyzing these details:

  • Fixed Costs
  • Operational Costs
  • Risk & Downtime


Our experts can pinpoint the time to cycle out your existing fleet with new equipment to keep your refrigerated fleet running at optimal capacity.  We use several intuitive models to customize your fleet management plan and benchmark your fleet behaviors and data to identify areas of cost savings and productivity.

When to Replace your Fleet


PLM's customized fleet plan includes full-service on-site maintenance plans, the largest refrigerated rental fleet to manage peak season and build times and full visibility and traceability of your fleet. 

The PLM Approach

  • We show you how to save money by using a multi-step approach:
  • Evaluating existing technologies
  • Personalized fleet lifecycle matrix
  • On-site evaluations
  • Comprehensive modeling tools and data analysis
  • Quantify a lifecycle savings and carbon footprint reduction


Let PLM build your fleet plan, contact us today.


PLM Feature Publication





The PLM Approach to Fleet Management

Download our epublication on PLM's unique approach to fleet management and our value-added solutions to help you effectively manage your refrigerated fleet