Flexible Rental Solutions

Largest Selection Nationwide

Expand your fleet for a month, week or even a day to fit your needs.  PLM's flexible rental programs meet your needs for trailers for peak seasonal or emergency needs.  With 30 locations nationwide, we can fulfill your immediate need.


Renting from PLM's largest refrigerated fleet includes PLM's on-site mobile emergency break-down and preventative maintenance program and a nationwide network of branches all specializing in the cold supply chain.




PLM offers the largest selection of refrigerated trailers in lengths from 28 to 53 foot and single-temperature, multiple-temperature, electric-only and hybrid options.  Our rental fleet can supplement your peak seasonal needs, new builds, or emergency repairs at any time.  Compare our fleet and see what we can offer.


Interested in learning more about n PLM's versatile refrigerated trailer rental program?  Click on the link below for more information or to request a quote.